Disabled Aquarium Goldfish Is Given Its Very Own Wheelchair


A goldfish in San Antonio has just gotten its own underwater wheelchair following a condition that stops it from staying upright.

The underwater wheelchair was the answer for the poor goldfish who suffers from swim bladder disease, a disease also known as “flipover.”

The disease meant that the fish was stuck on the bottom of its aquarium, until he was later saved by an aquarium employee, Derek, who figured out the solution to help the disabled swimming creature.

Derek’s idea was to wrap tiny tubing around the goldfish, add some valves underneath to prop it up right, and then add a chunk of styrofoam on top to give the little fish a little lift.

Derek explains, “The bottom weight is almost equal to the pull on top so it works quite well for him. Think of goldfish as the pugs of the fish world. Pugs have unique features due to the way they were bred, but it also causes them a lot of medical problems ― same with goldfish!”


Derek’s idea worked swimmingly, and the disabled fish was able to stay upright with his new device.

It was then Derek’s friend, YouTuber Taylor Nicole Dean, who obtained a sufficient amount of traffic on her page when she uploaded the video of the fish with his new device.

The video went viral, and gained huge support from all over, with animal lovers rejoicing at the disabled fish’s saving grace, who then started to become known as ‘wheelchair fish’.

Dean would continue to update the fans on the wellbeing of the fish and how it was doing with its new device – “Just wanted to let you guys know wheelchair fish is still doing well and got an even more comfortable wheelchair.”

The internet loved it and, as the BBC expressed, ‘wheelchair fish’ received an ocean of support.