Family Dog Hired As Post Office Stamp Licker Is Melting Hearts Everywhere


Ray Chandler is the proud manager of the charming post office branch, situated along the Scottish seaside village of Portree.

The village, which is located on the Island of Skye, has its uncommon local uniqueness that brings people of all sorts by – but there is one particular attraction beside the shop-dine-sleep experience that offers to melt your heart, and all it will cost you is a knock on the door.

After acting as the manager of the postmaster for about two years, Ray thought it would be nice to bring a new employee into the office that would lighten up the place – and who better to bring along than someone you consider to be a part of your family? That is when Ray decided to hire his family’s dog, Jax, as a full-time employee.


Naturally, seeing Jax behind the counter on an everyday basis brought more than friendly faces around to the post office. More often than not, people would step inside simply to greet the dog, who was warmly affectionate toward all visitors, locals and travelers alike.

Soon, Jax was promoted to a rank that is much more respected than a formal greeter – he was named the office’s Official Stamp Licker.


As if watching the puppy-eyed best friend wag its tail as he’s leaning across the counter is not adorable enough, Jax has the sign to prove his employment status as well.

“Jax absolutely loves it. He’ll actually lick your stamps,” says Ray excitedly.


Although having Jax lick one’s stamp is not a mandatory obligation, plenty of people jump at the opportunity to have any sort of interaction with the mutt.

However, those who dare to ask Jax to fulfill his role need to take into account the professional hazard that Ray warns of in advance – although Jax never means for it to happen, he does occasionally become so eager, that he ends up swallowing the stamp whole.

“He’s great to have around, because he becomes the focal point,” said Ray. “In Britain, everyone tends to talk about the weather, but in the office, people want to talk about Jax. Some people come in just to say hello, or to bring him a treat; others want to give him hugs. He has become quite a character … He’s part of our family.”