The NSW Police Force Debuts Their Seven New Furry Recruits


On Wednesday, The New South Wales Police Force welcomed seven new furry recruits into their Dog Unit, each barely over eight weeks old. Six of the sable German Shepherd puppies are gearing up to undergo rigorous training as general duties dogs within the elite force, while one of their sisters will be sent to New Zealand as part of the puppy exchange program.

As if the name itself wasn’t cute enough, the puppy exchange program will allow the fur baby to find her place in the world. The other six puppies are part of the ‘X’ litter squad and will each be given names starting with the letter. The names will be chosen by chronically ill children from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Dog Unit Commander, Superintendent Dean Smith, said “Once the most popular names are chosen, we will assign the names to the pups and take them on a social outing to the hospital so the kids can meet them.”


The NSW Police Dog Unit has also asked the public to help out naming their newest litter of police puppies. People are being asked to access the Police Dog Unit’s Facebook site at to submit suggestions for names for the new additions. The ‘Puppy Poll’ will last for three weeks, and after that, the votes will be counted, and the names of the dogs will be announced. The pups’ day-to-day progress can also be tracked online via ‘Puppy Cam’, streaming live on the NSW Police Force website at


The NSW Police Force Dog Unit was initially formed in 1932 but then abandoned in 1954 before commencing it’s operations again in 1979. The unit is the largest police dog unit in Australia, and its canine police officers include German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Labradors, Belgian Malinois and English Springer Spaniels.