Woman Finds Her Cat On Facebook 2 Years After He Went Missing


After two years of being lost, Jimmy the cat has finally made his way back home, and his owners couldn’t be happier. “He was in an indoor cat, but we would let him go out with us to visit the neighbors,” said Jimmy’s owner, Susan Zelitsky, of Wanaque, New Jersey. Jimmy would stroll around and go on walks with the dog, and go to the neighbors for treats, but he always stayed within the confines of the house. Although Jimmy would always come back on this particular night, he didn’t.

“I don’t know if he stowed away in a car or if he was so friendly and someone took him,” Zelitsky said. She continued”We immediately searched the area and made posters and called the police and shelters. I was so heartbroken, but after months and months and months, I was thinking maybe even a coyote got him. The unknown was so heartbreaking.”


However, on March 19 things turned around when Zelitsky was browsing Facebook and noticed a familiar face on the lost animals page of West Milford Animal-Shelter. The shelter which is about 10 miles away from her house showed a cat that looked like a more weathered Jimmy. The very next morning Zelitsky visited the shelter with her neighbor, who also adored Jimmy, and she knew right away that her lost kitty had finally been found. Jimmy even recognized the scent of Susan’s husband’s pillowcase that she brought with her, along with a dog toy Jimmy used to love playing with years ago.


“Jim Jim, is that you, babe?” Zelitsky asked the Bengal tiger stripped cat in his cage. “He turned and head-butted me and started to rub me and he did the same thing with the pillow case and the toy. I started to cry immediately. We took him into a room on a blanket, and he was all over us. He always liked belly rubs. I would rub his belly, and he’d nip me when he’d have enough. He nipped me just like he used to. Even the woman at the shelter said she could not get over the reaction of this cat.”

Zelitsky called her husband right away to tell him the good news.