New Archeological Discovery Supports Story From The Bible


Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, and the home of many holy sites; there is a reason it is called the Holy Land. There are many historical events that occurred in Jerusalem, including many that have been recorded in the bible. Many times, people say that understanding the bible is about faith. This time, there is something extra: proof from archaeologists that a story from the bible happened. The evidence was dug up from the ground and seems to be in line with a passage from 2 Kings.

Archeological digs occur all the time in the ancient land of Israel, and amazing things are found. The Dead Sea scrolls, for example, are texts of the bible that amazingly have survived for over two thousand years, only to be discovered, as the name suggests, near the Dead Sea in a cave.

There are remnants there from all the ruling powers, including Roman amphitheaters. This newest archeological dig has had several important implications. One is that the borders of the Old City of Jerusalem are potentially different from how they are today. Secondly, there was physical evidence uncovered that suggests that the biblical story in 2 Kings is factual.




The Israel Antiquities Authority, led by Dr. Joe Uziel, carried out the study. He is very focused on discovering the treasures that lay beneath the earth. Some of the artifacts found had strange markings on them. He and his team were able to compare these mysterious markings to past markings and figure out exactly what it all meant. They even push for the use of scientific methods to confirm their findings. This incredible story will take you from archeological excavation, into biblical history, and show exactly what is meant by the idea that these relics support a passage from the bible.