Kind Man Who Gives Free Haircuts Is Given His Own Barbershop


It’s always nice to hear how a good deed does not go unnoticed, and this was the case for Brennon Jones who was offered his own barbershop by a stranger, no strings attached.

Jones became a well-known name on the streets of Philadelphia after giving out numerous free haircuts to the homeless.

Using his spare time away from working as a wardrobe stylist to help those in need, Jones would use his “personal mobile salon” and just drive around town hoping to do a good deed.

“Wherever I would see a homeless guy sitting on a corner, holding a sign or something, I would get out and start a conversation,” Jones expressed.

This all began after Jones had once left a couple of dollars and a banana for a homeless man, but then left feeling like he hadn’t done enough – I missed out on the opportunity to potentially change his life, in a sense … to help out more.”


Remembering the first free haircut he gave, for a man on the corner of South 15th Street and Walnut Street, in downtown Philadelphia, Jones has since gone on to give hundreds of haircuts.

He called his operation, “Haircuts for Homeless,” and word of his good deed soon became an online phenomenon. Inspired by his charity, a good Samaritan and fellow barber offered to help Jones, and in November 2017, he opened his very own barbershop.


Sean Johnson already had his own barbershop which has been empty for two years and wished to get it up and running. On discovering Jones, he thought it was the perfect match.

“I never considered myself worthy of being an owner of my own establishment,” Jones recalls when first visiting the site. “He said, ‘Well, this building is sitting. Do you like it?’ And I said yes, I love it. He tossed me the keys and said, ‘Because of what you’ve done for others, this is my way of doing something for you.'”

Jones now runs “Phenomenon Perfection,” open to paying customers Tuesday through Thursday and continues to cut hair for free on Mondays. Loving what he is doing, Jones says, “It’s just a haircut, but to them, it’s like a new beginning in a sense. It’s like a breath of fresh air.”