Chumlee’s Unusual Behavior Raises Suspicions


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When Pawn Stars came on the air in 2009, nobody expected that the one character that was not a member of the Harrison family would become the show’s breakout character. Austin Lee Russell, mainly known as Chumlee, or simply Chum, was a childhood friend of Corey Harrison who stuck around the family enough that he eventually was hired to work at their world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Chumlee is known as the court jester of the bunch, as he has funny and impulsive behavior. However, these same personality traits that make him so beloved by viewers of the popular History channel show also contribute to problems he has recently faced.

Looking at the history of Chumlee’s behavior, it is not surprising that he ended up in some legal trouble that for a time raised questions among the public about Chumlee’s future on Pawn Stars, and even his future in as an employee of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Before that, the biggest headlines surrounding Chum was about his rapid weight loss and how it inspired others to also lose weight. It is thanks to his girlfriend doing something that helped him lose all the weight so rapidly. However, he turned around with his brother Sage and started a business that goes against everything he had done to lose the weight.

Chum has been involved in legal battles before his high profile arrest in 2016 in the civil court system. Ex-managers, domain name owners, and others have had problems with Chum. However, Chumlee has a vast collection of a certain clothing item which keeps him happy, as well as a very cool feature to his Rolls Royce. Take a look at how this lovable “village idiot” caused trouble for himself and those around him with his questionable choices.