These Companies Need To Come Up With Better Spots For Their Ads


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“Location, location, location” could be the number one saying in the rule book preached by the dizzyingly dynamic battlefield that is real estate, but these pictures prove to those who dedicate their lives to coming up with witty ads that marketing could use a quick lesson in why positioning is everything, too.

More often than not, marketers dedicate a significant amount of time to planning out creative campaigns that will assist their brand in making as much profit as possible. It is all about bringing in hard cold cash, and while many jobs out there are solely dependent on crunching numbers together, those who like to stay on top of their game and remain relevant in this highly competitive field have a whole other set of skills they need to maintain. Not only do they need to keep their target audience in mind, abide the law by indirectly trashing their competition, attempt to reach out to potential customers, retain their creative caps intact and keep up with modern times of online platforms, but now, they have to consider the positioning of their ads, too.

For example, paying good money for publicity for the brand-new, most advanced electric scooter you are trying to break into the market is one thing. You can even come up with an incredible catchphrase that is guaranteed to spike your stock in no time. But one ill-advised placing of your ad on a page explaining the horrific haphazard that is an electric scooter, and you are as good as done.

These businesses range from one of the most wide-spread, global franchises out there to small firms that offer services in their local radius only, but all have one thing in common – their ads made people either rolling on the floor with laughter or dialing 911.