Elderly Couple’s Engagement Photos Will Restore Your Faith In Love


When it comes to love stories, Cleveland ‘Murphy’ Wilson and Lucinda Myers’s romance is not your typical fairy tale, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from going crazy for their love.

It wasn’t quite love at first site when Wilson, 70, and Myers, 60, met at church. Wilson is a widower whose wife of 41 years, Antoinette, passed away in 2013. Though he had been a regular fixture at the church for many years, he took several months away in order to grieve.

Myers, on the other hand, was a divorcée waiting for her prince charming after her first marriage dissolved 30 years ago. In 2013, she relocated from Boston to Huntsville, Alabama, and began attending the Seventh-Day Adventist church, around the time of Wilson’s return to the community.

The two had minimal interactions in the early years, but Myers, who is a florist and baker by trade, joined the church’s choir, for which Wilson serves as director. Their few conversations rarely strayed from the subject of song selection.


Myers says about their first encounters, “There were a few more times our paths crossed, but the most important time was when we were in the balcony and out of the blue, during the greeting portion of the service, he said to me, ‘You look very nice today.’ Well, I was so surprised I actually made him repeat it. I thanked him, and I was very happy that he noticed.”

Following this exchange, Wilson was out of town for several weeks, and Myers couldn’t help but notice.

Upon his return, she asked him, “Where have you been with that pretty smile?’ and I gave him a big hug. When he returned to his seat, he told his sister, ‘I think that woman over there likes me.’ He was absolutely right!”

Wilson invited Myers for a Sabbath dinner, and the rest was history. He said at times, he even forgot that anyone else was in the room.


Gianna Snell Photography posted their engagement photoshoot in anticipation of their July 29 nuptials online, where it was eaten up by social media users. Though the couple don’t exactly understand what it means to go “viral” they are happy to serve as an inspiration to others, as they truly believe their relationship was written in the stars.