Little Girl Approaches Police Officers Eating To Report Her Own Kindness


Paige Vazquez is not your ordinary eight-year-old. The girl from San Antonio, Texas is known to be open and friendly towards all – even those she is less familiar with – which is exactly what the group of officers dining in a local restaurant were quick to learn.

Not thinking much about how her interruption of their meal would be perceived, Paiged marched up confidently to those eight police officers with her mind made up.

But Paige had good intentions at heart. Indeed, police officers are well accustomed to having the public approach them at odd places in order to report crimes or ask for directions, but this was no ordinary individual coming their way.

With a captivating smile and a go get ’em attitude, Paige requested something the officers could not have anticipated – she asked if she could pray with them.

Officers - Paige

“I asked them, ‘Hello officers, may I please pray for y’all?’ And they said, ‘Yeah, sure!’” Said Paige when interviewed about the incident later on.

The eight officers were a little thrown back – but only because of her kindness. With an appreciative grim and nod, all agreed unanimously.

“I always pray for people and police officers because I know they have a really rough time sometimes. Sometimes, a little prayer can make someone’s day – so, I decided to do that just in case they were having a rough day.”

Officers - Paige

Kat, Paige’s mother, was later approached by one of the mothers of a fellow police officer who was sitting at that table and told the reporters: “One of the mothers of the officer’s that was sitting at the table messaged me recently and she said that her son went home and he was very moved by what she said.”

When asked if she intends on redoing this simple act of compassion, Paige seemed elated to answer she would not have it any other way: “You should always pray for someone no matter what,” she says. “It might just brighten someone’s day!”