These People Have Been Snapped Having Minor Disasters


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Sometimes life can feel like it’s getting too much to handle. One inconvenient event will occur and you just feel like everything is falling apart and you can’t cope with it anymore. When you think you’ve hit an all time low, something else comes along and things are put into perspective that things just are not as bad as you expected. These photos will make you feel just that way, if you think you’re having a bad day, these people are going through it much worse than you are.

At one point you are walking down the street, enjoying your hot cup of coffee on a cold, brisk day and before you know it, you’ve slipped on ice and are hitting the floor, looking up at your boiling hot coffee which is about to land on your face. Not exactly the productive morning you had in mind. However, the worst part of it might be the fact that the pedestrian walking next to you had coincidentally caught the entire thing on camera and once it hit’s the internet, you can’t convince yourself that no one saw and you can walk it off.

These catastrophic moments will make you count your lucky stars. These people clearly have it way worse than you do and with the social media presence that permeates our everyday lives, your awkward moment will live on the world wide web forever. As for the rest of us, just enjoy yourself, sit back and relax and scroll through these pages of horrifyingly embarrassing moments which will make you appreciate the Internet more than ever. Just don’t lap it up too much, you could be next and end up on the follow up list!