Pizza Hut Delivers To Hungry Hurricane Victims Using Kayak


Hurricane Harvey has absolutely devastating for those in the Houston area. The many feet of rain has left the major highway Interstate 45 flooded to the point where cars are submerged. Thousands have had to abandon their homes, which became horribly flooded or even totally destroyed.

Many people were trapped in their homes, with weather conditions and unbelievable flooding making it impossible to move to a safer area. Slowly but surely, the supply of cans of tuna and fresh water started to dwindle, and with no way to go grocery shopping, residents confined in their houses started to go hungry.

One kind citizen, Shayda Willison heard about these poor, unfortunate souls, and did not sit by idle. She happens to be the manager of the Pizza Hut in Sugar Land, a Houston suburb. She rallied together some other kind folks and started kneading dough, mixing sauce, and baking pizza pies. They made pizzas for hours and hours until they had no less than 120 pies, packed in boxes and ready to go.

But how to deliver them? Their regular idea was to drive, but cars were being engulfed by water. So she and the other volunteers put their heads together and decided to use kayaks to deliver the pizzas.

The response was understandably hugely positive. Shayda said that the trapped residents, “were so happy to see us coming down their street. You never let your family go hungry.”

This was not a one-time venture either: Shaya plans to keep making and delivering pizza via kayak until the supplies of her store run out.

pizza hut water

The headquarters of Pizza Hut used their official Twitter account to thank the local franchise for their, “out-of-the-car response to deliver hot pizzas all day to the community they serve.” We all salute the good deeds of people who go above and beyond to help others.