After Police Officer Dies, Fellow Troopers Complete His Last Wish


36-year-old Joel Davis was building his teenage daughter, Jaila, a treehouse, when suddenly life took a different path. Responding to a call concerning domestic violence in his region of Jefferson County, Officer Joel Davis was shot while on duty. The shot was fatal, thus ending the life of a man who dedicated his entire being to protecting others.

“His life was taken because we did what we asked him to do,” New York State Police Superintendent George Beach II said on July 15, 2017. “He ran toward gunfire to protect the innocent. That is a trooper. That is a hero.”

In order to honor their fallen friend and fellow trooper, 35 of Davis’s brothers in blue decided to pick up where he left off and finish his daughter’s tree house, which was in the making. The construction of this special project carried great significance to those who knew officer Joel Davis well since he was always one to volunteer and aid others. In a way, this was their way of paying him back.


Although it did not take long to complete the entire house, spirits were high throughout its duration, as though this was a project of a lifetime. After a little less than a day of constructing, structuring, and assembling, the treehouse was done.

Davis’s boss, Major Philip Rougeux, shared how he felt about the fallen trooper, explaining he was a “go-to guy” who was looked up to and admired for being dependable and enough to work under little to no supervision at all.Rougeux spoke of Davis fondly during his funeral, saying: “He was a great guy. Now he’s truly a hero.”

The North Country police officer enjoyed the freedom of working in an office stationed in Philadelphia, which was conveniently close to his Evans Mills home. Prior to his gained experience as an officer, Davis was named the deputy of the Jefferson County sheriff.