Things From The 80s Your Kids Won’t Understand


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For many, the 80s felt like it was yesterday. The bright lights…the synth sounds…the crazy hairstyles…it all feels so recent for those who grew up in it. However, for those who have only been alive for a couple of years or are currently in their formative years, all things 80s must be a perplexing sight for such an individual.

Nowadays, the average child has access to the top of the range technology and, with the click of a button, can take photos and record videos whenever they want. But back in the 80s, things were different – specifically, technology. Taking photos and videos was, generally speaking, an activity for the parents to take responsibility for. All these new and intriguing devices were unchartered territory for even the most experienced of people. In short, times were different. The long gone and dated devices such as VHS players and Super 8 video cameras were at one point, at the forefront of technology.

It wasn’t just technology that looked spookily different back in the 80s. Everything from music and fashion to TV and film was truly evocative of its time and the 80s, more than potentially any other decade, was unique. The 80s was, after all, the decade that gave birth to the blockbuster. Movies such as ET, The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders Of The Lost Ark completely captured people’s imaginations in a way that had never happened before and that hasn’t been recreated since. Also, fashion and music was so intertwined that genres such as New Wave and Glam Metal had complete wardrobes attached to them.

Come with us as we explore some of the keynote features of the 80s that today’s generation must look at in sheer confusion. It’s amazing that what can be iconic to one person, can be completely alien to someone else.