This Inspiring Farm Grows Food Solely For The Needy


A collaboration between a Singaporean organization and an Israeli food-donation organization has led to an amazing outcome: a field that grows food that is exclusively for the needy.

Shalom Israel Asia Pacific (SIAP), which is a Christian organization, gave money to Leket, an Israeli food bank whose mission statement is: “To lead the safe, effective and efficient collection and distribution of surplus nutritious food in Israel, to those who need it.”

Leket gets extra food from manufacturers, cooked food that would otherwise go to waste, as well as agricultural products. Now, though, they have the distinct opportunity to grow their own food in a field in a city called Binyamina.

The field is 10-acres, and will include a greenhouse that is specially designed to allow for the growth of staple crops like cucumbers year round, rather than seasonally. All the food on the field will go to the poor, which is a rare occurrence.


“We are truly grateful for the substantial donation that made this dream become a reality,” said the founder of Leket. The folks at SIAP were happy to give to the food bank.

The director, Pastor George Annadorai was happy with their collaboration, as “there are thousands who go to bed at night with a full stomach.” Annadorai explained that this spreading of positivity is “why we were motivated to create an entire farm to grow produce exclusively for the poor.”

Usually, Leket has volunteers help them with tasks at the food bank. This is a way to raise awareness and engagement amongst the public regarding the almost 200,000 who live under the poverty line in the Mediterranean state.

This has the added benefit of saving money on salaries. Overall, this collaboration is huge, and the donation will certainly work to make many peoples’ lives better.