Waiter Cannot Contain His Emotions When A Customer Hands Him This Tip


For Johnny, this was just another ordinary shift at the restaurant he was employed as a waiter. Wearing his uniform black T-shirt and waiting on tables that December evening, he never would have anticipated what would happen next.

Maurice Green was eating with his family in Johnny’s restaurant that very same evening, but he could feel something special in the air. Keeping a close eye on his waiter, Maurice could not help but notice that Johnny was having a particularly hard time.

Instead of ignoring the young, troubled man, Maurice decided to act up on his gut feeling and call Johnny over. He asked him for his name and made a personal note to use a friendly tone, so that Johnny would not feel threatened by the personal question he was about to ask.


Maurice then proceeded to inquire about Johnny’s day. Feeling unsure with Maurice’s intentions, Johnny clammed up and carried a genuinely confused expression on his face. In an attempt to aid Johnny open up and clarify he means well, Maurice went on to say that he had sensed that Johnny was having a rough day.

The waiter seems a little unsure of where their very personal conversation is leading, but seemed to go along with it. Then, the unexpected occurred – Maurice grinned at Johnny and said:

“I’m going to give you your tip right here,” but after giving the young man the receipt with his tip, he then hands the waiter an addition tip – a $100 bill. Clearly moved by the kind gesture, Johnny thanked the man and admitted that his generosity just paid off his car.


“I can see that you’re working hard and I can see that you’ve had a bad day,” Maurice said. “And so God told me to sow into your light, big time.”

Johnny could no longer keep up appearances. Wiping his eyes from tears, the waiter thanked the family endlessly. It was at that moment that Maurice understood how big of an impact he could make in this young man’s life – and so, he did the unthinkable.

“You know what,” Maurice said, while taking out yet another $100 bill and handing it to Johnny, “we can do better than that, here goes another $100.”

Unable to contain his joy and sense of appreciation, Johnny broke down in tears.


This just goes to show how easy it is to make another’s day – or even life. By assisting the lesser fortunate in whatever way we can, we too can pass it forward. Here’s to Maurice and Johnny for setting an example of how true kindness takes form today.