Beverly Hillbillies: The Drama Behind America’s Favorite Family


The following story is about a group of people that many consider to be America’s favorite family. The story takes place in 1962 in Beverly Hills. That’s right folks. We’re talking about The Beverly Hillbillies. This popular show ran for nine seasons on CBS from September 26. 1962 to March 23, 1971, and was consisted of TV greats such as Buddy Ebsen, Iren Ryan, Donna Douglas and Max Baer Jr., to name few.

Together, they formed a poor family who decided to take up Beverly Hills as their new residency. This happens after the family serendipitously discovers oil on the land that they were originally living on. The show was so successful that it even inspired two awfully similar country series on CBS. These were Petticoat Junction and hit spin-off series, Green Acres. In this particular show, the rags-to-riches nature of The Beverly Hillbillies was completely turned on its head.

During virtually the entirety of its run, the show was one of the most-watched TV programs, while some of the episodes are ranked as some of the most-watched episodes in the history of TV. Not only was the show a success with the fans, it was also a hit with the critics and won numerous awards, including seven Emmy nominations.

Probably the best part of the show’s charm was its ability to make the audience laugh in abundance. However, the creators of the show were able to cover up a lot of what went on behind the scenes and believe it or not, the show has a countless amount of secrets attached to it. So who actually owned that mansion? And did you ever wonder which actors actually got along and who actually despised one another? Come with us as we run through some of deepest secrets about The Beverly Hillbillies.