Cancer Survivor Makes Big Reveal On Dating Show


Reality dating shows hardly ever deliver the happy endings we truly crave but this time might just be different! Viewers of the TV show First Dates were left in tears after an emotional reveal on the first date between Sarah and Phil. Sarah, a 21 year old cancer survivor opened up to Phil, her date for the evening about an insecurity of hers.

At just 16 year sold Sarah was diagnosed with bone cancer and forced to have her leg amputated to fight the spreading disease. Sarah spoke directly to the camera and admitted, “When I first went dating, I had my leg covered up so that the guys I went on dates with couldn’t see that I had my leg amputated. Now, I’ve decided to get my leg out and uncover it, so they can see and it’s there and it’s out in the open.”

Phil confessed that he was shy to ask about her leg but that, “At the end of the day your leg isn’t you, it’s just a limb isn’t it.” He then added: “You’re a beautiful girl and I’ve got total admiration for you.” The pair seem to be a match made in heaven as they’ve both come face to face with the ravaging affects of Cancer. Phil lost his mother to Cancer at only 17 years old, he spoke to the camera and disclosed a touching fact about his late mother, “She wrote us all a letter, that’s when she told me, ‘Remember these qualities, it will do you well in life – love, trust, happiness, hope’.” What a heart wrenching moment!

first date- dinner

At the end of the episode the show’s producers revealed that the pair were now “officially an item” and fans quickly took to Twitter to echo their support for the new couple. One fan wrote, “Phil and Sarah are so sound together I just hugged my cat in appreciation now he’s looking at me like he don’t even know me,” while another wrote: “This has made me so happy and I don’t even know them.” What a happy ending, maybe there is still such a thing as true love in the world!

first date- leg