Most Original And Unique Celeb Baby Names


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Naming your newborn child can be a challenge for any parents. Both have their own preferences and reasoning for their choice of names. Some go for simple, some go for names in different languages, some adapt the name to their loved ones. But then there are those who create the most unique and unheard of names. We must say, it takes a lot of creativity but they choose the destiny of their children to be just as interesting.

Even the spelling of their names become more interesting, like replacing a “C” with a “K” to shake things up a bit. These celebrities are known to have given their children some of the weirdest names in Hollywood, and they’re seriously almost too good to be true. But don’t get any ideas, we don’t encourage duplicating any of these.

It has now slowly become a trend among celebrities to give their kids these unique names – the weirder, the better. From Apple to Zolton, celebrities have a reputation to upkeep now to make sure their children grow up with bizarre and difficult names to pronounce. However, there also those celebs who opt for regular names, for example, Anne Hathaway named her child Jonathan, and Benedict Cumberbatch and wife named their son Christopher.

But hey, maybe you also want to give your kids names with a trendy twist? Take a look through these famous unique and original baby names and perhaps some of them will catch your attention and begin to start a trend. If you’re gonna pick an unusual name, what better place to start with than Hollywood. And who knows, maybe your baby will find their way on this list we’ve compiled. The list includes celebrities who gave their babies interesting names and the fascinating meanings behind the names that the chose to go with.