These Church Signs Will Make You Head Straight To The House Of Laughter


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The concept of going to church every Sunday is not as appealing to most as it is to those who are fully committed to showing high attendance rate at the house of prayer. The idea of sitting there aimlessly and not having any intention of praying sounds dreadful.

For this reason precisely, an unknown person came up with a brilliant thought Рwhy not motivate people to come to church by speaking to them in a way that is more relatable to them? The way implementing this was rather simple. All that needed to be done is put up interchangeable signs outside churches all over the country, and have them carry announcements that integrate wit, humor, and meaningful messages. These message boards would be solely for the purpose of urging people to get up from their comfortable beds on Sunday mornings, have them change into their Sunday best and attend services that are meant to thank the Lord for all he has done.

Some of these messages are crude and on the verge on inappropriate, others just contain hilarious puns and word games, and a selected few will have you rolling on the floor with laughter since it is hard to believe anyone who considers themselves to be an advocator of God could think of such things. Nonetheless, they all have one intention – to get you to go to church. Come to think of it, it would be an interesting social experiment to see which of these signs resulted in highest attendance rates.

However, do not be surprised if after reading this, all you want to do is skip work or Sunday brunch in favor of joining the church choir. Signs like these might not be a rare sight, but we have handpicked the best ones out of the bunch for you.