Your Favorite Country Singers: Then And Now


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Originating in the Southern States of the U.S. in the 1920s, stemming from mainly folk music and the blues, country music has taken over the music charts. A music genre that really gives you the feels, using raw instrumental sounds. Nowadays, country music has added a bit more of a pop touch to it, as well as rock. The genre has been influenced a lot by other similar genres, as well as artists who also sing in other genres. This “New Country” has absorbed the subtle electrics of rock and the fun of pop, and we’ve seen it happen with a lot of artists.

We’ve seen a fortune of amazing talent in country music and more recently in the 1990s, Garth Brooks brought country music to a worldwide phenomenon and shone as having one of the most successful careers in country music, breaking records and selling out concerts. Soon after, country was on the board with many male and female artists following suit, and releasing platinum-selling albums. Shania Twain made it to the best selling female country artist of the 1990s and managed to break free the traditional country by bringing those rock and pop elements to her music.

And on that note, let’s find out where all of our favorite country stars are now, after all the shifts of the country genre over the decades. Strap on your boots and grab your cowboy hat because we’ve created the ultimate country music time machine showcasing the evolution of some of your favorite singers. This list is complete with unforgettable ’80s haircuts, standout ’90s style, and more memorable moments that are far too good to miss out on. For a fun blast from country music’s past, check out this list of your favorite country singers, then and now! You may be surprised what some of them are up to now!