Hilariously Clever & Free Life-Changing Hacks


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Every now and then you come across a video featuring hacks you cannot help but want to try out. Whether these videos promise you innovative ways of saving up space or guarantee that they found a whole new use for that old T-shirt you were putting off throwing away for so long, there is no harm in trying these hacks out. In the absolutely worst case scenario, this means that you spent your precious time off doing crafty things that turned out to be useless, but is that so bad? They say working with your hands is the best form of therapy, so you might as well give it a go.

While we also can own up to YouTube-ing excessively, looking for new ways to fill up those empty walls and organize the pantry that seems very invested in staying a mess, the people in this article were not as successful as they would have hoped in coming up with trendy hacks. Their desire to get their creative juices flowing and become an overnight sensation on cyberspace was not likely to be fulfilled, but hey, at least they can take comfort in the fact they made the final cut to our highly prestigious list of hacks that are too ridiculous to be useful.

From plastic bag mailboxes and pink pumps as bottle openers to sticky selfie sticks and fancy orange holders, we have them all. So if you do find yourself browsing through this list and wonder how come you never came up with a brilliant idea like using the hoodie of your sweatshirt as a popcorn holder, this list is about to rock your world. If not, you are in for a joyful ride across the unbelievably hilarious home of awkward hacks that are as useless as they are unbelievable.