The Real Reason Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has Faded From The Public Eye


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck was first introduced to America as one of the younger contestants on the second season of Survivor. Audiences loved Elisabeth as an underdog figure, since she couldn’t quite compete with the more athletic contestants. But despite the physical disadvantages, she managed to hold on strong, competing fiercely despite her sweet demeanor. Through shrewd alliances, and a close friendship that developed with cast mate Rodger Bingham, Elisabeth managed to hang on, ultimately earning herself fourth place. Although Elisabeth hadn’t quite had aspirations of stardom, she didn’t hesitate to continue to pick up TV gigs, spending time as the host of The Look For Less in the years following Survivor.

But in 2003, her time at the fringes of the spotlight was about to end. Elisabeth was chosen to replace host Lisa Ling on The View, beating out a lot of fierce competition for the spot. Once again, Elisabeth was underestimated, likely due to her petite frame and blond hair. Though she was always the conservative voice among the hosts during her run,  she spent her first few seasons at the table mostly slipping under the radar. But by 2006, she started causing controversy by adamantly voicing her differing opinions on a variety of subjects. Her career, however, became defined by one of the biggest on screen arguments to air in the history of The View. Hasselbeck’s animosity towards Rosie O’Donnell, who is staunchly liberal and highly argumentative became clear from the moment of O’Donnell’s introduction. Surprisingly, it was Hasselbeck who proved to be Rosie’s undoing.

Hasselbeck continued as a host on The View for a full decade before moving on to a show where she could finally be among peers, rather than the lone conservative voice in a crowd of New York liberals. Hasselbeck spent two years as the token cute blonde on Fox & Friends, appearing from 2013 to 2015 on the cable news show. But since her abrupt departure in 2015, she’s mostly kept away from the media. Here is the real story as to why.