Firefighter Saves 6-Year-Old Girl From Car Crash On His Wedding Day


A firefighter who wasn’t on the job made one of the ultimate sacrifices when he saved a little girl in a car crash. And it was on the one day he would not have expected – his wedding day.

Jacob Graves, a firefighter from Spencer, Oklahoma, saved Barney Sinclair’s daughter from a life-threatening car crash.

“He didn’t have to stop and he did,” Father Sinclair said in regards to the crash. “Myself and my three children, we were all injured. Charley was hurt the worst.”

The Sinclair family were on the I-35, on their way from Austin to Oklahoma City. All of a sudden, a car crossed paths and hit the family’s vehicle head-on. Sinclair explained that firefighter Graves “quickly figured out Charley needed the most help.”

firefighter wedding 2

When Graves woke up earlier that day, he would never have thought that this was how the day would go. The firefighter was expecting to marry his fiance and the couple was on their way to Sulphur to tie the knot.

But after spotting the carnage, they stopped to see if they could help. Graves feared for the worst, saying, “when I initially saw her in the vehicle. I assumed she was dead.”

Sadly, Sinclair’s daughter suffered brain injury from the crash. But had it not been for Graves’ heroic intervention, she may not have made it at all. Sinclair is happy with the 6-year-old’s recovery, claiming that she is learning to walk and talk once again.

firefighter wedding 3

In light of his act of vigilance, especially seeing that it was on his Wedding Day, the firefighter is receiving much-deserved recognition. Graves is due to be honored with the “Firefighter of the Year” award.

And the Sinclairs are eternally grateful that someone of his skills was in the right place at the right time to attend to them. Sinclair expressed his gratitude, saying, “we can’t say enough nice things about him and what he’s done for our family.”