Haley Joel Osment Closes The Chapter On His Child Star Image


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Haley Joel Osment is one of the most recognizable child stars. Despite his father being in the acting business, he got his tart in films completely unexpectedly, but once discovered, there was no turning back. One of his first films was appearing as young Forrest Gump in the Tom Hanks feature film and after his short stint, he began getting offers to appear in blockbuster movies. His most memorable appearance however, was in the horror-thriller movie The Sixth Sense, co-starring Bruce Willis, where Osment’s character famously whispered: “I see dead people.”

His acting skills were noted throughout the industry and Haley’s critically acclaimed performance won him an Academy-Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, being the second youngest actor to ever do so. As a young boy, Haley knew only success and fame and the top directors of Hollywood began vying for a chance to work with the talented youngster. However, many recognized that child stars were notorious for going down a dark path after only knowing fame, fortune and media attention in their lives, causing them to act out for a chance to regain control, people were worried for Haley.

Things began to change in his adolescent years when a run in with the law caused him to rethink his life, his motivation and his career. Rather than spiraling into a dark place, Osment was level-headed and enrolled at college. The hiatus was just what the actor needed after being in the public eye for the majority of his life but did Haley get too comfortable living a private life? Many were concerned if the child star ever consider a return to acting?