Halloween Pranks That Will Make You Roll On The Floor With Laughter


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It is that time of the year again when leaves turn a range of ginger shades, and Starbucks serves pumpkin-saturated everything. Along with the endless back to school shopping spree and natural decrease in temperature accompanies a holiday greatly favored by adults and children alike – Halloween.

In this article, you will find pranks that are suitable for office spaces and require little to no effort at all, as well as over the top practical jokes that have been carried out by true festive fanatics. If you find yourself split in the middle, fear not – we have those mischevious tricks up our sleeves, too.

It is time for you to get your head in the game and understand that the rules of Halloween pranks are that there are no rules. If anything, shenanigans are all about who is the first one to beat the other to the punch. So if you have had that one coworker that always keeping you second guessing your professional work or a distant relative that makes it their life’s agenda to torture you with endless questions every holiday around the dinner table, it is finally your time to get them back.

A word of caution from our friendly writers – be prepared to enter the world of the best Halloween pranks out there. If you choose to use your newly acclaimed knowledge and power to haunt trick or treating children going door to door in your neighborhood, know you will become the talk of the town for having the best haunted house around.

So if you are looking for inspiration or waiting for a muse to kick in just enough time before the holiday arrives, look no further. We have gathered some of the murkiest and funniest pranks out there to get you sorted this Fall.