Hilarious Windshield Notes You Must See!


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Road rage is becoming more and more of common occurrence amongst drivers. The roads are a dangerous place. You can be in a car accident and it doesn’t even have to be your fault. And a lot of the time, we just have trouble having to deal with irresponsible individuals who either double park or park too close to your vehicle.

On many occasions, the offending driver may get away with the crime and you won’t have the chance to get revenge. But every once in a while, the victim can look on the bright side of things and instead of smashing their window with a baseball bat, they can simply write a note. They will then take this written piece of information and plant it on the windshield of their parked car.

Not only does this help people see the error of their ways, it also brings a lot of comic relief to millions around the globe once it is posted on social media. The wit and sarcasm that races through these people’s minds is absolutely astonishing. The truth is that people are going to handle these situations in two different ways. They’ll either be violent or threaten to get themselves in trouble. Or, they’ll put on their creative hats and write a witty joke on a piece of paper. This article is dedicated to the latter and boy do we have some hilarious messages in store for you.

All drivers who have been on the receiving end of someone else’s terrible parking have thought about doing something illegal or violent in retaliation. But after reading these outrageous notes, you will also feel compelled to follow suit the next time someone blocks you in the parking lot. This is the safest and the funniest way to communicate with the world’s most terrible car parkers.