Linda Thompson’s Love Stories With Elvis and Bruce Jenner


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Linda Thompson was never one to look past the potential of the men she was involved with. While many saw teen idols in the form of legendary rock and roll stars and Olympian Gold medalist winners as the embodiment of masculinity, Linda simply fell in love with their personalities – and the way they always made her feel utterly loved. Sadly, Linda had to go one by one only to experience the most devastating forms of heartbreak.

She was there by Elvis Presley’s side as he struggled with his personal demons that eventually took his life, watched as the man men longed to be turned into a shadow, a ghost imitating his own past.

She held Bruce Jenner’s hand as he confessed a secret she would never have imagined, not even in her worst nightmares, and told him she would stand by him and support him through thick and thin, no matter what.

She had to dust the dirt off her clothes time after time, pick herself up and move on with her life after taking upon herself the role of an untrained personal psychologist to the men she formerly declared her love to. At times, it felt as though the ground was collapsing under her feet – especially when she realized that, despite thinking she had the healthiest marriage in the world, she was about to become a single mother.

Linda Thompson is the epitome of strength, having gone through more life changing occurrences in a few decades than most people undergo in an entire lifetime. After years of keeping quiet, finally Linda is able to tell the truth about the biggest stars known to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, which she does in a 2016 published book she called A Little Thing Called Life: From Elvis’ Graceland to Bruce Jenner’s Caitlyn & Songs in Between.