Spacing and Font Fails That Completely Ruined The Message


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We all are well aware of the importance of proofreading – but more than helpful, looking over what you have written is necessary. This is especially relevant when it comes to your place of business. After all, you would never hang a sign outside your business without making sure every letter was in place, right?

Sadly, the business owners in this article disagree. Although they had the purest intention of wanting to come up with fun, quirky logos or exciting advertisements that were supposed to draw paying customers in, these businesses have flunked at the only job they had –¬†designing signs. If they had only paid close enough attention to the font chosen or the accurate spacing, these minor mistakes might not have ended in major flops. And while typos are often perceived as common mistakes, one needs to take into consideration that sometimes even the smallest extra space could alter the entire meaning of the message altogether, as is evident in this article.

Some of these messages are silly to the point of being hilarious, while others can be perceived as vulgar and tasteless, but all in all, we did not alter or tweak any of them. Keep in mind that the message these businesses were trying to pass on was entirely promotional and meant to bring in extra cash flow, whether they succeeded in doing so or not. Just imagine the look on the face of the currency exchange office employee, trying to explain to a man that this was definitely not the place to get a gender change surgery, or the kickboxing ring owner pushing fuming left-wing individuals away from his business as they yell enraged that this business discriminates against others.

Here are they are: the best signs that went horribly wrong. Better check those spaces and font choices next time!