The Real Stories Behind Your Favorite Songs


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Music surrounds us, no matter where we go. If we’re in the car, there’s the radio or we can simply hook up our own iPod or CD. If we’re walking in the malls or shops, there’s background music, when we watch movies there is background music and a whole playlist too. Some of us sing in the shower or as we do our chores, but music really does surround us. But when we listen to the lyrics, there is a real story there, there is something that inspired the song or in most cases, someone.

Songs can be written in love or in pain, but everyone can relate to the message somehow, however, sometimes there is more than meets the eye, and the words. There are hidden messages in the songs that are only revealed by the artist. And it’s amazing and sometimes totally unexpected to see what their message was in the song and what inspired it.

Sometimes we think it’s obvious who the song can be about, but it can catch us off-guard when we find out that it’s about someone else or something different. But now whenever we hear these famous ballads, we will truly understand where the lyrics and meaning of words come from. And sometimes, all the artist wants to do is inspire us with their lyrics, send us a message that he knows we will listen to because of his fame.

It’s fascinating to find out, especially when we are groupies or fans of the artists or the bands. We’ve hummed their tune and sang those same lyrics too many times to count, but somehow, we missed something along the way. The stories behind these songs prove there’s more to them than a catchy composition and ironic wording, and these stories will wow you…