Love Actually Star, Thomas Sangster, Talks About His Childhood Stardom


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Everyone fell in love with Sam, the little boy with a huge crush in Love Actually, running after his childhood love in an airport. It was the film that no one could get enough of, the Christmas mood, the warm feeling of love and the lifting of spirits. Notable actors including Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman were just a few of the famous faces that made the film a smash hit at the box office, bringing in almost $250 million. However, Sam, played by Thomas Sangster was a shining star, stealing the show at such a young age. It was the film that propelled him to stardom but no one could look past the fact he was the kid from Love Actually, a consensus Sangster wanted to shed.

From this, he went on to appear in movies including Nanny McPhee, followed by The Last Legion, with the latter intended to rid of his child star perception. Having seen such success from the age of 10, Sangster was living a reality that was entirely different to his classmates at school. It wasn’t easy being the child that was always off on international film shoots, but Thomas kept his head held high and shunned any negative attention he received.

After leaving school to focus on his acting career, Thomas wanted to take on bigger, more serious roles which would set him apart from other child stars. With the stereotype surrounding child stars, Sangster wanted to prove to people that he was not like the others and that he could be taken seriously as an actor. After appearances in Game of Thrones and The Maze Runner, no one could believe that the Love Actually kid was all grown up. Nevertheless, he still was unable to separate himself from his Love Actually days, was it something Thomas resented or welcomed?