Where Are All The Women From Two And A Half Men Now?


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Two and a Half Men was a highly successful series that ran for 12 seasons, starting in 2003 and ending in 2015. It is no secret that the demise of the show was a result of a dispute between leading actor, Charlie Sheen, and one of the show’s producers. The highly publicized feud led to questions over the state of the series and what would happen once Charlie would no longer be cast as the leading role. Fortunately for dedicated fans worldwide, this did not mean the end of the sitcom, and Ashton Kutcher was given the replacement role as Walden.

While the new changes did not have the same success as its previous seasons, there was a common theme throughout the series and that was the amount of females that the main characters tried to win the hearts over. This was especially the case for womanizer Charlie Harper, who had issues with commitment, and ended many of his relationships because of that reason. In fact, every woman he ever dated ends up hating Charlie so much they come to his funeral to spit on his corpse. (This was probably the producer highlighting his feelings towards Charlie at the time.)

Nevertheless, these female characters really made the show what it came to be, since all their storylines provided great entertainment and a comical twist to the lives of the leading men. Fans got to see many women pass through Charlie’s beach house, whether they were there for Charlie, Alan, Walden or even Jake, they all who had their own stories and often left these men hopelessly in love. Whether it was a result of their neglectful mother who never showed them real love, or because they could just not find the right one, these men were left week on week chasing after some of the most gorgeous women. So where are all these women now following their stint on the popular series? We take a look at these characters from their time on the show to where they are now.