WWE Stars: Then and Now


Let’s throw it back to the 90’s when we were all glued to our televisions watching the thrilling entertainment world of wrestling. Each wrestler had his or her own personality and trademark, alliances, feuds, and friendships, all gunning for the championship belt. The WWE phenomenon took American television and reality tv by storm and stands were packed with adrenaline-pumped fans. In fact, the stands are still like this today and some of those wrestlers we all remember from the 90’s are still fighting in the ring. They might’ve aged, some retired, some career changes, but we decided it would be pretty awesome to see where all of our favorite wrestlers are today.

Kevin Nash – Then

Kevin Nash found success as a wrestler going under the moniker Diesel in the WWE in the early 1990’s. He then left for the WCW and started the wildly popular New World Order (nWo) with fellow wrestler Scott Hall. He later went on to wrestle as a part of the World Wrestling Foundation (WWF) and then Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He spent seven years there before moving on to the Independent circuit. However, he only stayed at the Independent circuit for a year before making his return to the WWE for part time appearances.