Married For 37 Years, This Adorable Couple Wear Matching Outfits Every Day


There are many different ways that couples can show how much they love each other and how connected they are. Some couples get matching tattoos, joint Facebook accounts, or even his and hers cars. They say that over the years, married couples tend to start to look like one another. One Japanese couple that has been married for 37 years have taken that sentiment to a whole other level. They have combined their love for one another and their passion for fashion by wearing matching outfits on a regular basis.

This hip couple have taken to the photo sharing app Instagram to document their impressive matching styles. Their joint (of course) Instagram account is called ‘bonpon511,’ which is a combination of their wedding anniversary date and also both of their names. This adorable couple have redefined that phrase “marriage goals.” These two never cease to amaze their fans and Instagram followers with their incredible sense of fashion.

Below you will find some of our personal favorites from their matching outfits. Which one is your favorite?

Here we see our favorite matching couple sporting a red, white, and blue ensemble that is purely wholesome and purely adorable. They are even both sporting stylish eyewear in this outfit:

“Bonpon” seem to have a preference for plaid in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Here they have chosen to sport the classic black and white checkerboard pattern and have matched the rest of their outfit to complement the plaid pattern:

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 4.04.55 PM

In this matching set, the couple have chosen to stay within the monochrome color scheme of black, grey, and white. They are also not afraid to push the envelope with daring fashion, as the wife is sporting an interesting layered dress while her husband is rocking a stylish grey blazer with a grey scarf to match:


In our final favorite, the adorable pair have chosen to go with a nautical theme with accents of red. Too cool: