Looking into DJ Khaled’s $300,000 Dollar Watch


When it comes to the iconic rapper and producer DJ Khaled, his beats and rhymes aren’t the only things turning heads. A lot of his stance in the hip hop world has to do with his unique style of dress. Colorful bomber jackets made from Goyard scarves and Air Jordans have become a staple of his very being. Right now his $300,000 diamond covered Patek Philippe Nautilus watch .

The Nautilus isn’t just another watch that’s priced more than the average American home, it’s a national icon. The particular watch has been on the market for over forty years and is one of the most iconic watches amongst the rich and famous. DJ Khaled, as well as former President Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres have all been spotted wearing the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch.

What makes these watches such a hit with the rich is how rare and collectable they are. One cannot simply walk into any watch retail and pick up a Patek Philippe Nautilus. Even the plain stainless steel model goes for about $25,000. The one DJ Khaled wears is top of the line and cost almost ten times that much. The watch is literally covered with diamonds.

Since DJ Khaled was spotted wearing the watch the prices have gone down. A model likewise to the one he is wearing is currently being sold for $260,000 by Raymond Lee, Florida’s most prominent jeweler to the one percent. The case material and bracelet are made completely of 18k White Gold and Factory Original Diamonds.

First founded in 1851, by the mid-20th century, the Patek Philippe & Co was an aging company. The Nautilus first hit the market in 1976 and was instrumental in the watch company’s continuing success. It was this watch that refreshed the aging company’s name.

The diamond covered around DJ Khaled;s wrist