Luxury Fashion Trends Blooming in 2018


2017 was a great year for luxury fashion. We saw the rise of t-shirts under slip dresses and the continuous take over of hanging necklines. That said, 2018 is already seeing its share colorful fashion trends. One of the big trends of 2017 was white boots. Due to them being white, the re-wear value was pretty low. Thanks to Yara Shahidi, white boots are out and bright blue boots are in. Being bright blue, the boots can last longer and draw just as much attention.

Fur has long been making its way out amongst the rich and famous. In its place is shearling. The jacket came into prominence when it was seen being worn by Gigi Hadid late last year. It has since been the prime choice shooting above denim and leather jackets.

In a fashion that was incredibly retroactive, Jennifer lopez was spotted wearing a large varsity sweater reminiscent of the 1950’s and timberland boots which saw their popularity peak in the 1990’s. The varsity sweater J’lo  was wearing wasn’t the traditional brand, but more of an ankle length sweater. Given the hype behind all this retro in the past few years, it won’t be surprising if this look takes off.

In contrast to the yoga pants and tights, Hailey Baldwin was spotted wearing a colorful pair of wide-leg joggers. With her pink hair and bikini top, she presented the perfect mixture of sexiness and cool. Joggers are nothing new, but it seems now they are getting bigger and more flowy.

Feeling very reminiscent of the 1970’s, Margot Robbie was spotted wear a dark shade of denim. The young actress was completely matched in a dark denim jeans and a denim shirt.

Seeing as the year isn’t even half way through, we expect to see more unique and fresh luxury fashion trends hit the market throughout 2018.