Heroic 10-Year-Old Boy Brings Robbers To Justice After They Attacked His Mother


After a 10-year old boy helped his mother from an attempted robbery, his heroic actions meant that the two burglars would face serious time in jail, according to the Metropolitan Police.

On an August evening in 2016, Didier Levenfiche was walking home with his mother Tanya. But while they got out of the car, two armed men suddenly appeared and put Tanya in a headlock.

After trying to rip her earrings from her, son Didier took it upon himself to visually memorize the men’s faces and then press the panic button on the home security system. The two men ran away after hearing the alarm, alleviating the damage caused on Didier, Tanya and their dog.

Son Saves Mom

But it was on Tuesday, when the Levenfiches were finally redeemed. Westminster Police invited Didier to a police lineup where he identified one of the two robbers who attacked his mother last year.

48-year old Tanya said that Didier struggled to sleep since last year’s horrific incident. Ultimately though, she is grateful that justice has been served.

“He has not slept a whole night since the incident and also is very disturbed by the fact that the attackers kicked our dog over and over as she tried to jump up at them to help me,” she said. “Please remember that he watched this whole incident and the face of the attacker staring at him.”


Brothers Devlin and Eugene Williams were the two men convicted for the attempted robbery. They were charged with over 14 years worth of recorded thefts around the Westminster area, being sentenced to up to 8 years in prison. After a long search for the Williams brothers, Westminster gave Didier an honor of heroism for his vigilance.

Detective Constable Martin Thomas commented on the robbers, saying that “Eugene and Devlin Williams are dangerous criminals who targeted innocent people across London.”

“Thanks to Didier’s attention to detail, both men were arrested,” Thomas said. He claimed that the Williams’ were “successfully picked out at an ID parade. Didier’s brave actions directly led to them being brought to justice and we are very proud to have named him as our hero of the year.”