Chicago Bear’s Linebacker Jerrell Freeman Performs Heimlich On Choking Man


Chicago Bears linebacker Jerrell Freeman was on his way to training camp in Chicago, but had a delay in the airport so decided to give into his cravings and tuck into some Texas barbecue.

Although he admitted he shouldn’t be eating that, he succumbed to his desires saying ,”But whatever. It’s probably my last bad meal for a while. So what the heck”. However, his decision to indulge came at the perfect time.

Freeman was about to eat and then he recalled how a man a couple seats next to him suddenly sprung from his seat and ran to the side of his table. He continued saying that the frantic man started making some worrying hand gestures, remembering “He was just pointing to it, pointing to his throat, pointing to his mouth”. It was at this exact moment that the 236-pound linebacker realized what was happening and jumped to action to help the chocking man.


He said, “I grabbed him and tried to squeeze the life out of him,” Freeman continued “You’ve got to push in and up. So I did that and he started throwing up what he was choking on. I asked him if he was all right and he shook his head like ‘No!'” Freeman knew he had to try again as the man was clearly in distress. He went on,”I grabbed him again and hit him again with it, and when I put him down the second time, his eyes got big. He was like, ‘Oh, my god! I think you just saved my life, man!’ It was crazy.”


Once the choking man, Marcus Ryan, had got his breath back, the two men took a picture together which was posted on Twitter. Ryan said of Freeman, “I will forever be grateful for his kindness and willingness to help a stranger … A great person like him deserves to have a great season, and I’ll be rooting for him”.

At the end of the whole ordeal, Ryan and Freeman shared a joke together with Ryan admitting he thought Freeman was going to break his rib, with Freeman laughing, he said “It was either your rib or your life.”