101-Year-Old Breaks Record After Becoming World’s Oldest Skydiver


A 101-year-old made it into the Guinness Book of World Records when he became the oldest skydiver in the world. The centenarian took a giant leap of faith, 10,000 feet high to be exact.

Verdun Hayes was ecstatic after completing his second skydive, calling the experience “wonderful.” He commented how “I felt like I was floating. I would do it again tomorrow.”

The skydiver took his first jump last year. However, his doctor recommended him to fall from a modest 10,000 feet instead of the typical 15,000 feet that most usually fall from.

Recalling the first time he jumped out of a plane, he said that “it didn’t dawn on me for a while until I realised we were in a cloud! After we’d got through the clouds I could see all of Wales and all of the coast. It was so beautiful.”

Old Skydiver 3

His monumental feat put him in the record books, and most notably broke the Guinness World Record for the oldest tandem parachute jump.

The record was originally set by a Canadian male who was 101 years and three days of age. At the time of the dive, Hayes was a whole month older than his predecessor, diving when he was 101 years and 36 days old.

Skydiver Hayes attributes his longevity to the many great years he spent with his late wife, Hilda. She passed away six years ago, at the respectable age of 95. The couple were married for the good part of 80 years.

Old Skydiver 2

“She was a wonderful person. We always wondered who would die first. She went aged 95.” He said. “Though I very much doubt she would have liked to have known I was doing a skydive!”

Long before his new found hobby, Hayes served in World War II, fighting on the beaches of Normandy. And despite his incredible recent achievement, the veteran skydiver has no plans of quitting his hobby any time soon. He intends to skydive for many years to come.