Amazing Toddler Takes His First Steps Thanks To Prosthetic Legs


On July 4 Kayden Kinckle took his first steps ever thanks to a miracle of modern medicine.This remarkable little boy was born with Omphalocele, a birth defect that causes the internal organs to remain outside the body as the fetus forms. In addition to this, his umbilical chord was wrapped around his legs and feet causing a severe deformity.

Despite being born with the odds stacked against him, Kayden has surpassed all odds and mom Nikki couldn’t be happier, “we celebrate his life as well, and every step he takes will be to glorify God.”

In order to allow for Kayden to learn to walk, doctors were forced to amputate his right foot and left leg. Only six months after his intensive surgery, Kayden was fitted with specially made prosthetics and a walker just the right size for his small frame.

Kayden’s story made headlines after a video of him learning to walk went viral and even landed his heartwarming story in People Magazine! In the video, you can see little Kayden excitedly taking his first steps and ecstatically exclaiming, “I got this! I got this!” as he pushes forward almost unassisted.

“It was overwhelming,” says mom Nikki Kinckle, “especially since I know how far we’ve come. It’s a dream come true. I’ve pictured that a million times and to actually see it was amazing.” The Kinckle family was advised by doctors to terminate the pregnancy when it was discovered Kayden would be born with extensive challenges but their faith in God and each other never faltered.

This tenacious toddler will need extensive physical therapy treatments over the course of his life and prosthetic legs that will grow with him, and those things just aren’t cheap!

toddler-kayden walker

Kayden’s’ family started a GoFundMe Campaign to help cover the cost of his medical bills and are even considering writing a book to inspire other families who may come face to face with a situation similar to theirs.

A remarkable little boy whose story has captured the hearts of people around the world. Here’s hoping his go-getter attitude never falters!