20 Million Meals Later, NYC Charity Still Going Strong


Ganga Stone first felt that helping feeling in 1985. She was a hospice volunteer and had gone to see a dying AIDS patient in the heart of the epidemic. The patient was so frail that he could not assemble his own lunch. Stone decided to take action and start her own charity.

Stone joined with Jane Best to create God’s Love We Deliver and has seen amazing results. Since its formation over three decades ago, God’s Love recently reached a significant milestone as it delivered its 20 millionth meal to its clients.

One 65-year-old man, Joey Mills, stated that God’s Love had been a “lifesaver” for him since he began using the service eight years ago to deliver meals to him in Manhattan. He said, “I mean, really – without them, what would I do?”

Stone’s company employs 24 drivers which help bring food to over 7,000 people. They dish out around 1.7 million meals per year. The charity was launched to help combat the AIDS epidemic but has branched out to help needy people with cancer, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and other debilitating diseases and ailments.


Jason Fennell works as a driver for God’s Love. He generally delivers around 90 meals per day between 60th and 125th streets in Manhattan. He said, “Some of these people are unable to walk or move. It makes you feel well that you’re able to do something for that person. You’re able to give them a meal, maybe make them smile. Because [for a lot of people], we’re the only people that they’ll see all day.”

While the Sheepshead Bay resident makes the trip into SoHo each day to load his van for the food deliveries within Manhattan, God’s Love also services those in need beyond the five boroughs. They also deliver to Westchester County, Nassau County, and Hudson County.