Bus Driver Comes To The Rescue Of Stranded Student


Getting to school can be an anxious time for youngsters around the world. While some people grab a ride with parents, siblings or friends, others rely on busing, whether from school buses or local city buses.

In Leeds, England, one local bus driver helped a young girl get to school even though she was not a passenger on his bus.

An unnamed driver with the First Bus service noticed a young girl standing on the side of the street. She seemed upset and was standing in front of the wrong bus stop.

The driver unexpectedly came to the rescue. First, he promised the girl, around 11 or 12 years old, that he would not let her be late for class.

He then called a cab to take her to school and walked her to the pick-up spot before the cab arrives. Finally, he gave her $6.50 to cover the fare from his wallet.

The moment that the driver helped the girl could have gone unnoticed, but one of the bus’s passengers had other ideas. Lynsey Jayes saw it all unfold and made sure to post about it on Facebook.

She wrote, “This bus driver on the number 16 this morning deserves a huge pat on the back… a young girl waiting for the bus at the wrong side of the road and was upset she would be late for her first day at high school… the driver not only phoned her a taxi, he walked her to Tesco, and he paid for it… now that is a reason I don’t mind my bus running late for.”

As Jayes pointed out, she did not mind the 10-minute delay which the driver and little girl caused. Her post gained traction on Facebook and drew plenty of positive comments. Bev Jenkin said, “Respect to this guy.”

Charlotte Sykes Plain said, “What a kind man well done you.” First Bus said they were “delighted with the driver’s action.