Couple Takes Anniversary Celebration To New Heights On Roller Coaster


Love is a roller coaster and Pam and Brian Kanai from Pittsburgh took this saying quite literally when it came to their marriage. The couple were married on May 12th 2007 and instead of doing things in a traditional way, they decided to think outside the box and tie the knot on a rollercoaster. 10 years down the line, they wanted to keep to their tradition and decided to do it all over again, renewing their vows on the exact same roller coaster they became husband and wife on.

The Jack Rabbit roller coaster at Kentwood Park in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania was responsible for the wild idea but this ride has been particular poignant for Pam and Brian throughout their relationship. Pam spoke of it, explaining “Our first date was at Kennywood, so having it there seemed appropriate.” Brian was particularly thoughtful in choosing this ride as their first date as it was the first roller coaster that Pam ever rode on, and she did it with her father at age two. This, together with finding her true love in that exact location made the ride incredibly sentimental for the 43-year-old.


Pam loved the idea that the ramp leading to the roller coaster could double as an aisle for her to meet her husband at the end. She recalled “We thought it was appropriate my dad walked me up the entrance ramp so many years ago and he walked me up the entrance ramp to get married, I think it was really special to him.”

Brian also took a fondness to the Jack Rabbit from a young age, stating “When I was in college I actually spent a summer working at Kennywood, working in refreshments, I was at the stand right across from the Jack Rabbit. I would look across and see the coaster every single day, and never imagined that 15 years later I’d be getting married on it and remembering our daughter’s first ride on it.”

rollercoaster- ride

As for the bride’s attire, she explained she wore the same white shirt and vail she wore on her wedding day. Although a white dress is traditional, she wore a shirt for comfort and practicality, but made sure to keep it white. The couple renewed their vows alongside one of their closest friends which made the experience that bit more special.

As for future anniversaries, Pam admitted she would like to do it again for their 25th with Brian agreeing “Oh I’d do it again in a heartbeat,”