Dad Gets Unusual Tattoo To Support Son


We’ve all seen tattoos dedicated to loved ones. Sometimes the tattoo is just their names, or dates of birth, or even sometimes a full-fledged picture of their faces. The classic ‘Mom’ tattoo with a heart is also another classic dedication tattoo.

Joel Thomas got a tattoo dedicated to his son that was unlike any of these more standard tats.

His nine-year-old son, Landon Thomas, had unfortunately fallen into a bonfire. He panicked and ran into a frenzy, even jumping over a wall, and finally using the classic “stop, drop, and roll” technique to stop the fire. in the family yard and got badly burned on his leg and foot.

To heal his leg, he had to wear compression socks. Even after he didn’t need the specialized socks, though, Landon wore long socks, as he was embarrassed by his scars.

Joel, the dedicated father, decided to show his son that his scars were nothing to be ashamed of by getting tattoos that exactly matched the scars that Landon sustained.

tattoo burn scar

Taking it a step further, to show it truly was nothing to be ashamed of, Joel got it done on television, on the show Ink Master. The producers of the show agreed: “scars are what make you unique,” rather than a mark of shame.

There’s an extra personal touch to the tattoo: it includes Landon’s initials. Joel’s fiancée said that the strange tattoo showed his devotion: “Joel would do anything for his children.”


Landon himself was a fan of the tattoo, as it made them a lot closer. Also, it prevents kids from, “messing around with [him],” because he knows that his dad has the same thing, and those kids can’t beat his father.

With this tattoo, Joel teaches us his philosophy that “no matter what happens in life, that you can’t break the bond between father and son.”