These People Forgot To Check Their Surroundings In These Epic Selfie Fails


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Everyone loves a good selfie and they’ve become so popular that the word “selfie” itself became the Oxford Dictionaries Word Of The Year in 2013. Whether it is a group selfie or a single snap, many people strive to get the best lighting and angles in order to post them on social media. While some people take their selfies more seriously, others see it as a more enjoyable experience to capture a real moment or facial expression.

With the good selfies come the bad and selfie fails have become all too common. Despite their cringeworthy nature, they also provide some hilarious outcomes and some of them were so epic that they went viral. The very best selfies are the ones that go completely wrong in every way possible.

Capturing a real moment, with real people and reactions which will probably end up on the Internet forever. From uncomfortable photobombs to awkward angles, these selfies bring the embarrassment as well as comedy gold moments. Due to selfies being somewhat of a new phenomenon, proving most popular with millennials, the older generations haven’t quite grasped the concept. Their confusion to the practice has resulted in some confusing yet selfies as they try and jump on the bandwagon.

Celebrities have encouraged the selfie century, constantly posting pictures on their social media accounts. Everyone from Meryl Streep and Prince William to Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian have all been partial to a few selfies with the latter going so far to publish a book made up entirely of selfies, appropriately entitled Selfish.

Some, however, have argued that selfies are a narcissistic and self-centered concept, but when they are as bad and cringeworthy as our top fail picks, there’s no way you won’t be begging for more.