Girlfriends And Boyfriends Get Revenge On Cheating Partners


From Down Low To Front Row

This sly sports fan is the real MVP! While she may have exited from her previous relationship with a broken heart and trust issues, she at least got to sit front row while her unfaithful ex-boyfriend watched from home like a couch potato! This is sweet revenge at its finest. Can we also take a moment to look at that grin on her face, this is a great indicator that she has probably moved on to someone way better?


Gamer And His Tramp

This half-witted husband decided to take his fantasy online relationship offline and clearly wasn’t so suave about it as he got caught with his controller in his hand! The newly single woman took an extremely creative and abstract approach to breaking the news to her ex-man by arranging this cryptic display in order to deliver her message. You have to admit that the Lady and The Tramp DVD was a good finishing touch, we hope he caught on to the jab.


Public Steven Announcement

I think it’s safe to say that Emily has not only Steven’s attention but also everyone in a five-mile radius! We wonder what was on that tape to make her so furious. Whatever it was poor Steven more than likely has no chance of redeeming himself. Now Steven is not only going to be single, but he’s also going to be broke which is going to make it very hard for him to win his way into another woman’s good graces.


Nasty Breakup

We can’t help but wonder what was nastier their breakup or this cleanup! While we don’t know what this two-timing scoundrel did to deserve this, it must have been pretty bad if it warranted a shattered car window and a bucket full of brown mystery goo which looks like feces tossed strategically into the interior. You do have to admit that there is a bit of a metaphorical spin on this photo as just like the car window, their relationship has also shattered, into tiny pieces.


Take It All!

Whatever happened here must have been bad if it made this woman decide to chuck all of her lover’s things out on the street. This fed up wife decided to through an “X-Husband Sale” giving all his stuff away for free! We wonder if the officer knocking on the door is her husband or a cop trying to intervene. Either way, it looks like nothing illegal is going on here so let’s hope no one got in trouble.


Not So Warm Welcome

The days when private matters were kept in the home are long gone, and this scorned lover decided to air her partner’s dirty laundry for all to see in a creative manner with this DIY sign. However, if this graffiti greeting was the worst of it, then it seems like this infidel got off pretty easy. We wonder what kind of vengeance will come next from this pissed off partner. So much for a warm welcome home!


Nuts For Sale

Everyone knows there’s nothing more precious to a man than his truck, especially if he’s using it to cheat on his girlfriend. This witty woman knew right where to nab this slithering snake to make her point and make him suffer. It looks like this cheater may have some serious difficulty getting around now that his lugnuts are no longer where they’re supposed to be and are probably in the hands of a strange new owner.


Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

This woman really knew how to take a negative and make it a positive all while getting back at her unfaithful husband. She also knew that it was important to keep things classy which is probably why she decided the red rose would be a nice touch. What’s most confusing to us is that if this woman was so optimistic why would her husband cheat on her? When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s hard to tell.


Honk If You Hate Michael

Welp, the cat’s out of the bag! Congratulations Michael not only have you royally screwed up but you clearly messed with the wrong one as Jennifer isn’t one to be taken as a fool or lightly at all for that matter.  Now thousand upon thousands of people know what kind of a person Michael is, and lying cheating husband! The bright side of this travesty is that Michael and Jennifer no longer need to sneak around and can live happily ever after.


Bad Sign

When trying to sell a house realtors will usually emphasize the highlights of the home, but not this agent. They decided to get straight to the point with the real reason this home is on the market, and it isn’t a good one. After all, who wants to move into a house haunted by the ghost of a relationship went bad? We wouldn’t! Let’s hope for the sake of the family that they were able to sort out their living arrangements.


We’re Glad You Axed

This ingenious revenge tactic is certainly a first in our books, but definitely an appropriate one. Whoever did the axing must have been in good shape because yielding all those axes into the car must have been no easy feat. They must have also been worried about privacy as the license plates were carefully covered in newspaper. The moral of the story here is be faithful or break up with your partner unless you can afford to keep getting new cars.


Free Corvette!

While we’re not sure if giving away someone else’s car for free is legal, especially if it a cobalt blue Chevy Corvette, we do understand this husband’s motives. Whoever got this car for free seriously gained from this man’s misfortune. However, in the wife’s defense maybe she was just trying to help out our great country by giving a disabled war veteran some love. After all, he didn’t have legs so finding love was probably tough for him.


Devious Dunk

This is hands down any tech nerd’s worst nightmare! This Korean guy who got caught cheating on his girlfriend received photos from his ex-lover of his most prized electronic possessions being slowly submerged in his bathtub. The worst part about the ordeal is that she sent him the photos one by one while he wasn’t home so there was nothing he could do about it but sit back and take it. Now that’s payback if we’ve ever seen it.


Let Him Eat Cake!

Ordinarily, this would upset us as it’s a terrible waste of a completely good cake, but since it’s being used to get back at a cheating good for nothing partner, we’ll let it slide. While this cheater may have had his cake and ate it too, he now has no cake to eat and no love, as the sweet treat is smeared all over his windshield and his partner is long gone. We hope he can live with that.


Bro’s Before…

This simple sidepiece stayed true to the bro code and quickly alerted his fellow mate following the raunchy romp he had just participated in after learning the woman had a significant other. The clever character decided to tape a note alerting the boyfriend under the toilet seat in hopes that he would get to it before his two-timing girlfriend. One can only imagine what was running through his head as he scribbled the sloppy note. We wonder how this saga ended.


Like, Share, Comment

One of the worst things that can happen to someone who gets caught cheating is having his or her shenanigans plastered all over social media. This wrathful wife lets the whole world know what kind of husband she had, and it wasn’t the good kind. We can’t help but wonder if Karl actually wrote those words about himself or his account was hacked by his wife, Kimberly. Either way, everyone is now fully aware of exactly how despicable Karl is.


Train Talk

Thank you Steph for utilizing social media for good, in an attempt to catch this careless cheater, Mark Zuckerberg would probably be very proud of you. If this oaf was genius openly enough brag about his adult escapades to his friends on a train, then it serves him well to have his dirty laundry aired all over the internet. We seriously hope this news went viral enough to get to this man’s wife because no one deserves that!


Run John, Run!

Unbeknownst to John, his enraged ex-girlfriend was waiting for him with an accurate but a little less than motivational sign. While the halfway point of a marathon may not have been the best place to stand, it seems that she just wanted to get her message across, and boy did she. We’re glad someone was able to get a snap this spectacular moment, or else we may not have believed someone would have the moxie to do that.


Your Turn!

While we’re mature enough to admit that what did this woman did was morally wrong, there’s no denying that idea of it is absolutely hilarious. The one burning question we are left with however is if this man loved his girlfriend so much that he was willing to get a matching tattoo with her, why in the world did he cheat on her in the first place? Guess that just goes to show that sense isn’t so common after all.


Stick It To Him

Some people put “coexist” bumper stickers on their cars, but this bitter wife thought it would be more amusing to stick this to the back of her shameful husband’s SUV. We can’t believe this man had the audacity to go out every night and leave his wife and kids at home alone, especially if he’s disabled! That’s what we can conclude at least by looking at the car’s license plate. It’s probably safe to assume that he got honked at a lot that day.


Family Affair

When it comes to getting back at an unfaithful spouse there no lengths some people will stop at. This woman pulled out all the stops after catching her husband cheating on her with her sister in a parked car in a parking lot. The enraged wife kicked them both out leaving them stranded, naked, and ashamed. We’re not sure if after hearing the story anyone was too willing to help these two out. Let’s hope there was a bush for them to hide in.


Why Linnie, Why?

Oh, Linnie how could you? Now Linnie is now the talk of the town as this photo went viral after being posted on social media. Let’s hope Linnie’s wife didn’t have to pay too much out of pocket for that giant sign. But if she did pay a hefty sum, we’re sure for her it was worth every penny to get her point across. Besides, she’ll probably even out with what she gets in spousal support once the divorce is finalized.


Burn Out

We don’t know who Auri is, but she is surely the queen of petty and knows just how to serve up revenge that’s piping hot. After catching her boyfriend sneaking around, she decided to torch one of her lover’s most prized and expensive possessions, a limited pair of Jordan Air sneakers. Judging from her choice of emoji after the casual caption on the Instagram photo she posted it looks like Auri is pretty unbothered, and probably moving on the next man as we type.


Smells Like Lies

Upon discovering that his wife had set up a profile on a dating website, presumably to find potential dates, this farmer quickly loaded up his tractor with horse manure and dumped the load onto his wife’s antique convertible. This is precisely the reason why one should never cheat on a farmer because they have the tools and capability to bring pay back to the next level, and this photo serves as proof of that. We’re pretty sure that foul odor will never come out.


Petty In Pink

This woman meant business when it came to getting back at her cheating husband. She not only invested in the materials for an effective yet glamorous sign, but she also bought a personalized color coordinated T-Shirt! And if you thought she was going to get hot headed and act a fool think again! Instead, she’s keeping cool on the sidelines sipping on a cold one and scrolling through matches on her new dating application. Now that’s how you handle a bad breakup.


The Key To Revenge

Sometimes the key to getting over betrayal is giving it back; Literally. After Reddit user BinanoSplat found out that his girlfriend was stepping out on him, he reacted by hiding this break-up message in what appears to be a heartfelt card. The inside of the card, however, was ice cold revenge. Tell ’em how you really feel BinanoSplat! This guy was lucky that he such a way with words, otherwise he may have resorted to physical action.


Happy Birthday!

This girlfriend gave her boyfriend a “lovely present” for his birthday, consisting of a hand-written heartfelt note and an empty bag containing…yes, you guessed it.. “zero f*$&ks.” We’ve got a feeling that she does indeed give at least a few f*$&ks since she wrote the note in the first place. We wonder if she wrote a pros and cons list before making and sending this card to her ex-flame. Clearly not because if so she would have never went through with such madness.


Heartbreak Mobile

Nowadays, when people find out they’ve been wronged by a significant other, it’s simply not good enough to handle that business in private. This is a perfect example of a hurt lover who just couldn’t hold in their anger and disappointment in private. Although we’re sure the owner deserved it, our hearts do hurt that this incredible luxury car was ruined after being covered with red spray paint. We hope this driver has deep pockets because that paint job isn’t gonna be cheap.


Scotty Doesn’t Know

While this may seem like a really low blow, it definitely wins the award for most ingenious post-affair retaliation strategy. We wonder if Scotty was in attendance at the concert or he just didn’t know this was flying around. Either way, the whole city now knows that Scott isn’t well endowed, or a faithful partner. But as the old saying goes you made your bed now lay in it, and now Scott is more than likely lying in bed alone.


The Art Of Avenging

This guy got seriously creative when it came to getting back at his unfaithful girlfriend. Who knew one could do so much just with colored post-it notes? This cheater will not only have to clean up her windshield but also reflect on her insensitive actions as she does it. Maybe by the end of cleaning up all the pieces of paper she’ll realize how sorry she is, make things right, and the couple will live happily ever after. One can dream.


Dubious Dave

Good job Dave! You now not only have no wife, but you also have kids who hate you and no money to your name! When it comes to these kinds of stunts, it’s all in the delivery, and it seems like Dave’s wife nailed it right on the head! Extra points for her spectacular use of sarcasm. We do however feel sorry for the kids. It’s a shame they had to be dragged into Nikki and Dave’s bitter battle.


Hush Little Baby

Now, this isn’t my first day at the rodeo kids, so I’m not one hundred percent sure but blasting your husband like that in the local newspaper seems pretty harsh. Just kidding! Hope you have a nice life with Shara! We hope Patrick is ready to shell out the big bucks as he’ll now not only have a baby and mother to support but also money to pay his wife every month after she divorces his two-timing self.


Location, Location, Location

If this sign looks familiar to you, it’s because it probably is! Emily didn’t just put up one billboard. Oh no, she put up numerous around the city! This one was equipped with lights so even in the dark people could see how shady Steven really is. Let’s all hope for both of their sakes that they learned valuable lessons. For Steven, it would be to keep his hands and tape recorder to himself and for Emily, to stick to quality men.


Nice Paint Job

Ever seen the movie Pulp Fiction? For those who haven’t, go and watch it right now. But for those who have, you should easily understand why we would reference it, considering this particular image. A furious girlfriend took to her cheating boyfriend’s car and decided to give the interior an extreme makeover. But it’s the color that she chose which really sent a message. At least she was kind enough not to get red paint on his Mountain Dew.

cheating revenge paint

Roadkill Anyone?

Obviously proud of her actions, this ex-girlfriend also chose to alter her ex’s prized possession, his car. But in this situation, the angry young lady slashed the spare tire, without a care in the world and was proud to tell the world not only what she did, but her motive for it. She is obviously playing the long game. And we are all for a good revenge story. But whatever may transpire in this particular case, please folks, don’t try this at home.

Screen-Shot-2017-06-19-at-10.45.01 (1)

Swipe Left, Ladies

After discovering her cheating husband’s Tinder profile, this faithful turned vengeful wife decided to take matters into her own hands. She chose to get creative and hijack his account. The wife updated Mike’s profile by reuploading odd looking photos of her soon to be divorced husband. She also rewrote his profile. She started by writing, “Hey my name is Mike and I’m married with two kids.” Probably not the best way to sell yourself on Tinder, Mike.

cheating revenge tinder

Say Cheese!

When Duston Holloway got back home from a night out with his friends, he found his wife fast asleep. But sadly for him, he never expected to find another man lying beside her, especially where he usually would be sleeping. So he decided to take a shot of himself with the adulterers nestled in the background, and post the selfie to his Facebook for all his friends (and hers) to see, saying, “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!”

cheating revenge selfie

We Know What You Meant

Sometimes a simple bit of graffiti can do the trick. After being let down, this upset partner did not think twice about getting a spray can of black paint and write the following on their garage door. As far she was concerned, she had moved out anyway, so she could write whatever she wanted. And we are going to let her off after the slight misspelling. We still appreciate the sentiment. At least it was only two words.

cheating revenge ashole


An anonymous woman known as “Taylor” took to eBay to take revenge on her philanderous ex. And after he constantly told her that he didn’t like it when she dressed revealingly, there was no other way to go about it. “I’m not a vindictive person by any means,” she said. “But when you spend five years of your life giving to somebody…and then they turn around and do that to you, it started out as a way to get back to him.”

cheating revenge ebay

One Way To Wrap Things Up

Naturally, many victims of adultery don’t know how to handle their emotions and deal with the situation. Many will lose their mind and smash the cheating pig’s car, for example. But not this person. Although she did not personally post this image, her friend decided to support her and promote her revenge. He tweeted saying, “See this is an educated crazy ex, she didn’t break anything just made it super annoying to get inside the car.”

cheatinf revenge cling film

Nothing’s Permanent

When Breyon found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her, the young lady proposed the idea of getting matching tattoos together, as romantic a gesture as any. However, Breyon had other plans. She told him to go first. And when his was complete, she just walked away instead. She ended up tweeting the story. We don’t know exactly what the tattoos were supposed to detail, but at any rate, that was pretty clever move from Breyon.

cheating revenge tattoo

A Hidden Surprise

This particular story just goes to show how easy it is in this day and age to lose all forms of privacy. After Twitter user @vickto_willy caught her boyfriend cheating, she saw the regular infidelity as an opportunity to expose him. In a moment that can only be defined as a fine mix of sheer ingenuity and absolute insanity, the girlfriend hid in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car, videoed the cheaters and live-tweeted the entire date.

cheating revenge trunk

An Unexpected Cancellation

If you really want to get back at your cheating ex, take a page out of this vengeful boyfriend’s book. The guy went to the corners of his girlfriend’s heart that he knew would cause her the most pain. And what better way than to prevent her from watching her favorite TV shows? So that’s exactly what he did. After giving his girlfriend the password, he told her not to use it if they broke up. Well, you can see where this is going…

cheating revenge netflix 1

Everything Must Go

A woman from Canada made a drastic change after her husband left her for someone else. So she took to Craigslist and posted the following advert: “Last minute spontaneous estate sale. Husband left us for a piece of trash. Selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie.” Some of the items that she was giving away included some of the cheater’s favorite things, including electrical appliances, games, toys and even his ping pong and foosball tables.

cheating revenge sale


This is certainly one way of taking it out on your cheating husband. But as supportive as every passerby may be, and as embarrassed and ashamed as Ryan will be, the question remains: to what lengths should victims of adultery go to seek revenge? And how much money should one part way with to get some form of closure or satisfaction? It seems like money is not too much of an issue for this (soon to be ex) wife.

cheating revenge ad

The Horror

For many, the idea of this type of punishment happening would be absolutely frightening. We believe the threat of one’s Playstation being thrown into a sink full of water would put anyone off from cheating. We imagine that the girlfriend thought up of this malicious act after she found out that she had been cheated on. So we’re going to give her this one. Her friends would have seen the funny side of though after she posted a photo on Facebook.

cheating revenge playstation

Cheating On The Job

In this unique scenario, the cheater not only saw the error of his ways but chose to do something about it in order to right his wrongs. The philanderer who was caught red handed was ordered by his girlfriend of three years to go to work wearing a poster. He wrote on the card exactly what he did, confessing to his clients exactly what he had done. Customers walked past in disgust, but his girlfriend ultimately forgave him.

cheating revenge punishment

An Absolute Write Off

While many choose to spray revenge messages on garage doors or front doors, this furious woman decided to give her soon-to-be ex the top class treatment on his BMW. In five words, she said everything that needed to be said, in all caps: “HOPE SHE WAS WORTH IT.” A lot of these posts that go viral are revealed to the public without context. But at any rate, it’s extremely unlikely that she would have taken him back.

cheating revenge car 1

Hell On Wheels

We feel seriously sorry for the poor sucker who has to ride this Scooter around town. We guess there really are no secrets between friends or random strangers on the streets in this case. We can just imagine him pulling up to work now, and being bombarded by questions from his coworkers about his actions that warranted the vulgarities on his Vespa. Or perhaps everyone will just opt for singeing side eye glances and cringeworthy awkward silence.


A Boat Time

This site reminds us of the nursery rhyme Row Row Row Your Boat. But in this case the lyrics would go something like, “Row row row your boat gently off a cliff, merrily merrily merrily life is but a nightmare.” The sight of this beautiful blue boat defaced with the wrathful words of a scorned lover is absolutely cringeworthy! It looks like this naive husband had quite a lot to say, none of it very pleasant, but we can understand why.


Permanent Damage

Okay, we get it, your girlfriend cheated on you and you’re pissed off but was this really necessary Ryan? The tattoo artist and burned boyfriend waited until he had his girlfriend in his clutches until letting the cat out of the bag. By that time it was too late and all his two-timing girlfriend Rossie had was a pile of dung tattooed to her back.  Let’s hope Rossie used that $100,00 to get the tattoo removed and for therapy.


Hide And Cheat

This is precisely why you shouldn’t cheat. She won’t just spare you and burn all your stuff in a quick one time blow. Instead, she’ll drag it out and send you on a sick and twisted treasure hunt to reclaim all your prized possessions.


Spread The Word

This note may take a minute to read, but we promise it’s worth every second! Not only did this one of a kind man have the patience to type, print, and distribute these flyers but also the ability to restrict his carnal impulses of resorting to violence.While this may borderline on petty, it just goes to show how strongly this heartbroken husband felt. We wonder how the members of the congregation and his coworkers will react to this.


Independence Day

Ohh we can just hear freedom ring! Not only did this woman let the neighborhood know that her husband was a cheater but a cheater with horrible style, lackluster golf skills, and pudgy physique. Poly Blend suits? Come on buddy; it’s time to do better in all areas of your life. And while he’s at it the scoundrel may want to reconsider dating for a while until he’s gotten his entire life back in order, because it looks like this will be one messy divorce.


Meet Me At The Hotel

Google is a public platform, so things got very uncomfortable very quick when things got pretty personal in this rage-fueled review. Although this space is usually where people usually come to rant and rave about the hotel’s bed sheet quality and internet speed, this betrayed lover instead used it to put his wife as well as her boss on blast! On the bright side at least the man was fully reimbursed for his troubles.