Grandmother Gets Messy Celebrating Her 90th Birthday With A Cake Smash


The trend of a cake smash is most common among toddlers whose parents want to snap some great shots of their adorable baby covered in cake and frosting. However, one grandmother from Australia decided to embrace the trend and feel like a big kid again by having a cake smash of her own.

Ethel Ford from Adelaide chose to do something different to celebrate her milestone birthday and show that 90-year-olds can still have fun and enjoy the small things in life. The idea stemmed from her photographer granddaughter who owns ‘Pardon my French Photography’ and is familiar with the cake smash photoshoots.

Discussing the idea, Bridgette stated “I just thought it’d be fun. She’s turning 90. Why not get your hands dirty?” She also spoke of how she sprung the surprise upon her grandmother saying, “I didn’t tell her. That’s the best part of it.” When Ethel turned up at her granddaughters home studio on her birthday she was completely unaware go what was about to happen.

cake smash- 90

On the morning of Ethel’s 90th birthday, she turned up at the studio and was greeted with breakfast and champagne but while she was enjoying her time, she was told that she was about to partake in a cake smash. It was a relief when Ethel was excited to play along and do something different with pictures that would stay with her family forever. As Ethel’s favorite red velvet cake was presented in front of her, Bridgette started playing retro music to keep her entertained and thoroughly enjoying the moment.

cake smash- pictures

Ethel loved the idea and during the photoshoot, she exclaimed “I’m turning 90. I can’t believe it!” While digging her hands into the cake, Ethel was wearing tiara, a tutu and a pearl necklace to feel like the queen that she is. The photoshoot wrapped up with one last picture of Ethel holding a photograph of herself 72-years-ago when she was just 18.