Homeless Man Gets Housing And Job After Giving $10,000 Check Back To Businesswoman


Something incredible happened when a homeless man returned a check worth $10,000 to a businesswoman who had tried to help him. She gave him money and also gave him free admission into her real estate school.

The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce paid thanks to the homeless man’s sheer humility after finding out about the amazing moment. “He has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen,” Dr. Roberta Hoskie said.

Hoskie laid out a stunning plan that would honor the homeless man, who picked up the check that had her name on it and delivered it to her. She set up a video on Facebook Live to document the entire “thanksgiving.”

The homeless man, whose name is Elmer Alvarez, entered the Chamber of Commerce, only to be bombarded with cameras and even an audience. The footage showed Hoskie embracing her friend and telling Alvarez that she would pay for both his course and English classes.

homeless 2

But the most amazing thing she gave him was the following. “You don’t have to worry about being in the cold,” she said. “We have housing for you.” Naturally, Alvarez was overwhelmed with emotion by the news and simply yelled, “Thank God!”

That wasn’t all. Hoskie also made sure that Alvarez would have a job lined up so he could provide for himself during his studies. “There’s always angels out here in heaven and earth,” he said.

The only thing that Hoskie wanted from Alvarez was to use the tools she had given him to make a better life for himself. “When you get on your feet, you go ahead and you do it for the next person and the next person and the next person,” she said.

homeless 3

There’s an emotional reason behind Hoskie’s generosity. She can relate to Alvarez’ situation because she came from a homeless background. “I’m going to go for it,” he said. “Honestly, I give it from the bottom of my heart and I expect nothing back in return.”