4 Amazing Ways That Hurricane Harvey Victims Received Aid


With Hurricane Harvey having torn through the coast of Texas and Louisiana last week, the United States is now in full recovery mode. Many Texans have evacuated the area, but many are still stranded in homes, offices, or anywhere dry with a roof. An influx of donations will help in the aftermath of the storm, but these fast acting people and organizations helped bring aid to a city in crisis.

Reporter Saves Truck Driver From His Flooded Vehicle

KHOU reporter Brandi Smith was in the middle of describing the scene in Houston. She stood on a bridge looking down on an 18 wheeler which was surrounded by near ten feet of water when a sheriff drove by. The sheriff was towing a boat on its way to rescue other victims, but Smith flagged the deputy down to help the man inside the truck. Fortunately, they were able to get the man out alive as his cab filled with water.

Southwest Airlines Evacuates Victims For Free

With hundreds of individuals trapped inside Houston Hobby Airport due to the severe rains and flooding, one airline stepped up their rescue efforts. The FAA had closed the airport to all non-emergency traffic, so Southwest requested clearance to move victims on an emergency basis. They took 500 passengers to Dallas after loading up five jets.


Anheuser-Busch Gets In The Canned Water Business

To hydrate the storm’s victims, Anheuser-Busch halted beer production at its Cartersville, Georgia brewery so it can focus on canning water. They have shipped more than 50,000 cans of drinkable water to Red Cross centers and other evacuation sites in Louisiana. ¬†According to their brewmaster Sarah Schilling, they occasionally shut production of beer to produce water for emergencies.

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Free Home Rentals From Airbnb

In a change to its rules of service, Airbnb allowed users to rent their homes for free to those displaced by the hurricane. Users in Texas could rent their homes free a charge and without a service charge. Airbnb allowed the same fee waiving policy during Hurricane Matthew, the Barcelona attacks, and for Syrian civil war refugee.