Man Pops The Question To Girlfriend…As They Met The Pope


It is the question that people anxiously wait to hear or say: “Will you marry me? For one couple, their engagement began in front of the most important person to their faith – the Pope.

Dario Ramirez knew exactly where to propose to his girlfriend, Maryangel Espinal. They had met in church a year and a half ago, and religion played a big part of their lives. Ramirez and Espinal were a part of a delegation of global Catholic legislators visiting the Vatican.

After Ramirez spoke for a few minutes with Pope Francis about the upheaval in his native Venezuela, he said, “There’s a third thing I want to ask you.” Espinal stated that she thought he would embarrass her and ask the Pope to take a selfie. Ramirez explained to the National Catholic Register, “I explained to the Holy Father that the woman next to me is the woman of my life. I met her in church, that God put her in my life, and I want to propose to her. So I got down on one knee and asked.”


Pope Francis responded with shock. “Wow, in front of the Pope,” he said. “She’s not speaking – he asked you to marry him, what do you say?” Espinal finally got over her initial shock of the moment and the present company and accepted. Pope Francis followed the joyous occasion by blessing the couple. The other visiting delegations cheered them on as they embraced. According to Ramirez, the African delegation began singing in cheering in honor of them.

The proposal was planned out to an extent. While he did not have explicit permission from the Pope to do so, Ramirez had received permission from a cardinal before he got down on one knee. The Pope was just as surprised to hear the question as Espinal.

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